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OIKIDO Cleaning Services is a distributor of water treatment plants at a unique innovative and technical level. We also supply modified water - PERKON CleanWater - in tanks to companies that want to clean in an absolute environmentally friendly way. Areas of application in the cleaning sector include: cleaning of product installations, aircrafts, vehicles, textiles, windows, natural stone, solar cells and panels, windmills, small and large ships, greenhouses in the greenhouse horticulture sector. In addition, our modified water is used in heating systems, for industrial cleaning of equipment, for dipping tanks in the production process and as production water for lacquers / clusters and paints.
Thanks to the amazing cleaning power of PERKON CleanWater, you can achieve excellent cleaning results completely free of chemicals. Large areas can be cleaned effectively and quickly in one step. PERKON is the producer of this high quality product and Oikido Cleaning Services, as a cooperation partner, takes care of the distribution of both the water treatment plants and PERKON CleanWater.

Application range

Cleaning of:
Product installations, vehicles

Cleaning of:
Textiles, windows, natural stone

Cleaning of:
Solar cells and panels, windmills

Cleaning of:
Small and large ship machinery


The use of a correct composition of water and its research are now more important than ever for science, industry and the environment. Developments in water purification technology have resulted in a thusfar undiscovered, protected revolutionary process, the benefits of which are unprecedented: the perkonization of water. PERKON Technologies has dedicated its knowledge and technology to this question: What process must water go through in order to achieve the desired quality in a widest range of applications, in the interest of the environment?
Intensive research has led to the development of a previously undiscovered process for water purification. This process has led to a unique technology for the production of PERKON water purification plants.
PERKON Technologies GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of leading water purification technologies. A highly innovative company that places the highest demands on its own products and services. They work closely with renowned laboratories and universities, industry and science. A knowledge of 40 years of water research, analyses of the boundaries of conventional water treatment processes (such as osmosis processes, ion exchangers or electrode ionization, oxidation, nanofiltration) have led to new unique insights into water treatment. No other company with comparable technology exists in the field of water purification. OIKIDO Cleaning Services is the distributor of PERKON's water purification plants.


In practice it appears that cleaning with treated water without chemicals leads to more work and - in case of heavy pollution - often to insufficient cleaning results.
Common shortcomings from the past were revealed:
  • Dissolving oils and fats is not possible
  • Formation of stripes: In case of heavy pollution, the work procedure must be repeated
  • Formation of visible residues during drying
  • External surface cleaning at low temperatures is only possible to a limited extent - an upstream connection of a continuous heating is often necessary.
  • Replacement of resins and continuous maintenance of equipment necessary
  • Costs for the purchase and maintenance of the installation
  • Pump capacity of the systems is often insufficient
  • Remains remain in the brush unit
  • Cleaning of heavy pollution often only possible through heavy mechanical use

If there is a treated water that cleans satisfactorily, it is PERKON CleanWater

PERKON Technologies has succeeded in using modified PERKON CleanWater, which is excellent for cleaning all imaginable surfaces. PERKON CleanWater's discharge into the environment is 100% safe. After all, it concerns water...!
  • With PERKON CleanWater you can clean all types of surfaces to perfection.
  • PERKON CleanWater has a PH value of 7, so therefore antibacterial.
  • PERKON CleanWater is free of surfactants, acids and other additives.
  • PERKON CleanWater dissolves oils and fats
  • PERKON CleanWater removes hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances (oil, grease, penetrating agents) from surfaces without damaging them.
  • PERKON CleanWater removes any biochemical bridge
  • PERKON CleanWater slows down new pollution
  • PERKON CleanWater protects any surface
  • PERKON CleanWater leaves no stripes because of residue-free cleaning and drying
  • PERKON CleanWater absorbs all types of dirt - brush units / tools are protected from remains
  • PERKON CleanWater contributes to a clean environment
  • PERKON CleanWater cleans dirt in one go
In principle, PERKON CleanWater dissolves dirt without any mechanical use. The combination of PERKON CleanWater with the right tools (such as soft brushes, etc.) and the high alluvial capacity leads to an optimal cleaning result.
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